Neradsof Relative Markers

Relative Markers


These are five relative marker suffixes in Neradsof, used to mark constructs that are out of position. Only one relative marker may be used to mark a single construct. In the case that a construct would theoretically require 2 markers for 2 different purposes, it is marked according to the following hierarchy:

  1. Main Clause

  2. Relative Clause

  3. Marking for Imperative structure movement

  4. Marking for Passive structure movement

  5. Marking for Interrogative structure movement

  6. Marking for embedded structure movement

When used in conjunction with question markers, however, the following set of prefix markers are used:


This set of markers generally function as roots to the final construct of a question, used in conjunction with a Question Suffix to replace the missing construct in their respective functional roles. They are pretty much exclusively used in Wh-questions, and are almost never used anywhere else.