Westingham County, est. 8600

Prior to 8599, Westingham County had never been the political centre of the Valleyton district. That prestige had belonged to the Curzon family of Black Mansion, till Jacob Curzon, patriarch of the Curzon family, went missing, thrusting Valleyton into a short time of pure anarchy. This was hastily settled by the strong leadership of the Arduann family of Al’duainn and Crosby family of Al’unnderin in the Westingham highlands, shifting power to the Shailen Road Estates in time for the dawn of the Twelfth Recess.

Such was this map made by a cartographer believed to have been resident of E'hirain during this transfer of political power to Westingham County, giving particular importance to the manors and mansions where the highest of all nobles in Neradsof culture reside.


Not explicitly identified in this map are the names of the individual houses of the Neradsof nobility. Though of paramount importance to the Neradsof, the cartographer’s failure to write out these names is likely due to the familiarity that the Neradsof already have with them. Of course, why then write any of the names at all…

Beginning outside of the Shailen Road Estates, in the lowland region of Westingham there is a large settlement along the Kalsey River that is the city of Te-Uokslen (though we are not allowed it call it a city anymore), where the Oakens family rules from the Ankas Farm-house. This is not marked on the map, largely due to the Oakens’ family fall from grace, courtesy of Frances Oakens. South of the Ankas Farm is Karavehl Castle, which is the ancestral home of the Ross family.

The only home of note in Holiton is Tunlen Castle, which was the home of Hali Nalchios. It belongs now to the Shardic Order. Similarly, the only home of note in Whitley is Kaydee Manor, which had been the home of Makrithen Nalchios and his youngest son Wend’r. It belongs now to the people of Whitley, and is run by the Shardic Order.

The ancestral home marked in Al’duainn is the ancestral home of the Arduann family. This is Castle Al’duainn, though it is often called simply Al’duainn or Al’arduann.

The ancestral home marked in Elembourne is the ancestral home of the Lloyd family. This is called Al’aelm, or Elembourne Castle by the locals.

The ancestral home marked in Trois is Troya Manor, which is home of the Troyson family. The original manor was torn down in the 8400s and modernised, rebuilt almost entirely of marble, though it retains its original name.

The ancestral home marked in Basfeld is the ancestral home of the Baxter family. This is called Basfeld Manor.

The ancestral home marked in Knightley is the ancestral home of the Deuce family. This is called Al’deuce Mansion.

The town marked in Hyresé is at the foot of a small hill upon which Hyresé Estate sits. This was the ancestral home of the Knightly family, however, has since become the home of the O’Malley family. This was also the initial administrative headquarters for the entire Hyresé Region.

On the east side of Shailen Road, Croyis Mansion is the ancestral home of the Delacroy family, and Unnderin is the ancestral home of the Crosby family (though it is more often called Al’unnderin by the locals). These are in Croyis and Unnderin respectively, as you might have guessed. Al’unnderin was once the administrative headquarters for the Unnderin Region.

Though having lived and administered Cummings since the late 8000s, the Cumminhs (today’s Cunningham) family never had a castle or mansion built. They live in a house affectionately called dejoral’ (good house) by the locals at the end of Seyt Road in the town of C’ningh’m, which is what is marked here.

The Ephans family of E’hrian have a similar story. They live and administer E’hirain from a series of cabins along the Alemes Lake called grehir-ainl’n (Grehir Park) by the locals.

The ancestral home marked in Bercham is likewise called Bercham or the Mansion, revered for its modern architecture (though is was only modern by the standards of its time, which was the mid 8000s), and is the ancestral home of the Birch family.

And finally, the ancestral home marked in Northslen is the ancestral home of the Snows family. This is called Norths House, and was burnt down in 8602.

A more detailed history of the Shailen Road Estates and their properties may someday be in order. For the present, this shall suffice.