The Acquisition, 8045-8054

Such is the tale told of the Nosharian Acquisition:

The Provinces of Al’esict Neradsof, 8042 (full map below)

The Provinces of Al’esict Neradsof, 8042 (full map below)

When the Destruction Cycle was young, there was a nation established by the will of the Qoshlars, uniting their own people with the Carreans of Falxon, the Emililics of Arrowyn, and the Calbervians of Crestindel C’rvarel. While intent on bringing the peoples of Pnauseria together once more, they failed to convince Makrithen Nalchios, sharof lord over the Neradsof, to join in this peaceful union. And so, the Republic of Noshar was established without them, and they shared the Nosharian land with the Neradsof for two decades in relative harmony.

In time, the Neradsof lord would pass away, bequeathing to his eight children the deeds to his eight properties. Raised from their birth to rise to this very occasion, the sons and only daughter of Makrithen bore the weight of their new responsibilities admirably, gaining the love and respect of the Neradsof who lived now under their respective sovereignties. Although they had become independent from one another, the lands of the Neradsof continued to prosper, once again drawing the attention of their malcontent neighbours.

The Lineage of Timotheous Nalchios and their known residences prior to the Acquisition (click to enlarge)

Now it had been evident, even to the Neradsof of the time, that of all Makrithen’s children, Farswin Nalchios, who had inherited the Farsworth valley, was the least suited to the title of sharof. Daring and adventurous, Farswin had always been a gambler and a spendthrift, however, with the help of his sister Hali had made every attempt to change upon the death of his father, turning his attention to the people who now looked to him for guidance. But alas, there are some things that cannot be so easily changed on a whim, for Farswin found himself one night in debt to a Calbervian general, and made a drunken promise of his sister’s properties (the deed for which he knew her to carry on her person, and she had been, quite happily, staying at his home at the time) to him in exchange for his freedom. When he was found washed up dead on the banks of the River Kara near Tihriqend some days later, that same Calbervian general led his men to Farswin’s home in Eallund with the deed to Farsworth held high above him, declaring the land and peoples of Farsworth and Holiton now sold to the Republic of Noshar.

Although she had managed to escape her wretched brother’s manor in time, Hali was rightly enraged that Farswin could do such a thing. Worried for the safety of all Neradsof, she sought the council of their eldest brother Merlyn, who had inherited from Makrithen the coastal region of South Chey. He assured her that with no legal claim over Holiton, Farswin’s promise to the Calbervian traitor could not be honoured. Nonetheless, the Nosharian military came to claim Holiton anyway, setting much of the city (then callled Seirnvii) and Hali’s home Tunlen Castle ablaze as they did. Her body was never recovered. With the deed to Holiton lost in the confusion and no heir to claim her properties, Hali’s land and peoples soon followed as the second estate once of Makrithen Nalchios to join the Republic of Noshar.

With the succeeding assassinations of Beckihn Nalchios of Beckihnshire and his family, and Tirca Nalchios of Tircaville and his wife, the Republic quickly expanded their territories to encompass two more of Makrithen’s estates. It became evident that there was no where the Neradsof could now go to escape the cunning authority of the Republic when they might be so bold as to commit such crimes against the sons of Makrithen Nalchios. And so they cried out to the Shardic Order to preserve them, forcing Merlyn Nalchios to make some attempt to militarise the Order that he might be able to protect the Neradsof of his father’s lands. Though the Neradsof were comforted by the involvement of the Order, Makrithen’s fifth son Donals warned his brothers that it would not be enough, for the Republic were interested not in the Neradsof, but in taking revenge on their father for his defiance.

It was upon the unfortunate death of Merlyn to a band of bandits in the Easgos Pass that the remaining sons of Makrithen took crazy Donals Nalchios’ words to heart. With the Republic coming to occupy South Chey, Eadion Nalchios, who had become sharof over the Duseyr plains, secretly took his only son Dyllon north to Dresgor Castle, where he hoped his uncle Timothy Nalchios may better protect him. The boy was to be accompanied by Eadion himself, and guarded by several Duenotic masters from the Caldwell and Vylere lineages. None of their party would arrive. Donals Nalchios disappeared shortly afterward, but the estate he had inherited from his father was barren, so the Republic had no interest in it.

Having witnessed the fates of her brother-in-laws, Eadion’s widow An’lis’ Corshone moved at once to ensure the Republic could not claim the Duseyr plains. Fortified at her late husband’s castle Duseyr Mansion in the heart of Duseyr, she made arrangements with one of the children of the Tarryn lineage to keep the deed to Duseyr hidden somewhere in the mountains of their estate Northslen, and made public Eadion’s last will and testament, cementing her claim over Duseyr and its people in her husband’s absence. The last remaining son of Makrithen, Wend’r, followed his sister-in-law’s lead in the months following, naming No’m Lloyd of Al’aelm, a trusted friend and himself sharof over the treacherous Hyresé region, heir to Wenford since he had no heir of his own. These public declarations put a halt to the Republic’s schemes, bringing the Neradsof a brief moment of respite from political upheaval.

At this time, there remained only seven free-lands of Neradsof: An’lis’ Corshone’s Duseyr, Wend’r Nalchios’ Wenford, the C’roveis lineage’s Unnderin, the Lloyd lineage’s Hyresé, the Ankas lineage’s Te-uoklsen, the Tarryn lineage’s Northslen, and the northern provinces who had been passed to Bradle Nalchios upon his father Timothy’s death. With each properly accounted for following the example of An’lis’ Corshone, the Republic was left no other apparent option but acquisition by force. Such did the Nosharian military invade and evict the farmlands of Te-uokslen, and the Wenford highlands only days afterward. Battlelines were drawn across the countryside, through towns and hamlets, displacing tens of thousands of Neradsof who hastily moved further up into the mountains or north into Bradle’s Dresgor and Milneurein provinces.

As the only remaining heir of Makrithen Nalchios, Wend’r mobilised the Shardic Order, and with the help of Bradle’s army, made some attempt to push back against the Republic. But it would not be enough, for the Republic’s army outnumbered Bradle’s seven to one, and the Shardic Order had never been trained for such brutish combat. Seeing the turmoil caused by war upon the Neradsof commonfolk, Wenford conceded defeat to the Qoshlar Republic, and together with the C’roveis, Lloyd, Ankas, and Tarryn patriarchs, and his sister-in-law An’lis’ Corshone, submitted their territories to the authority of the Republic.

Wenford Nalchios would be slain on his journey home to Al’fol Manor. It was upon this final end to Makrithen Nalchios’ known lineage that the Timewalker came to the peoples of old Pnauseria and sealed the Tunnels by which the Nosharian military had invaded the free-lands of the Neradsof. She raised a great barrier around the last free-land of the Neradsof — the northern provinces of Bradle Nalchios — and cast a charm to protect it from unfriendly eyes, declaring this pitiable remainder of Al’esict Neradsof ‘Shailen’, free-land.

Such is the tale told of the bloody end of Makrithen Nalchios’ bloodline, of the hard-fought beginnings of Al’esict Neradsof Shailen. Such is the truest account of the Qoshlar’s endeavours to build a unified Republic of Noshar, the Acquisition of Neradsof-kind.

the Scribe

The Lineage of Makrithen Nalchios by the end of the Acquisition (click to enlarge)
Black names survived; Red names are missing (presumed dead); Grey names are deceased.

Al’esict Neradsof was divided into three sections, the northern provinces ruled by Timothy Nalchios, the gifted provinces ruled by te-sharofeh, and Al’esict Neradsof proper ruled by Makrithen Nalchios. Timothy Nalchios’ provinces were Milneurein, Vohawq, and Dresgor, which he passed on to his son Bradle Nalchios upon his death in 8051. Both father and son ruled from Dresgor Castle. The gifted provinces are Te-Uokslen, gifted to the Ankas lineage, Unnderin, gifted to the C’roveis lineage, Hyresé, gifted to the Lloyd lineage, and Northslen, gifted to the Tarryn lineage.

Upon his death in 8042, Makrithen Nalchios divided his land as such:

The Division of Al’esict Neradsof upon the death of Makrithen Nalchios, 8042 (click to enlarge)

  • South Chey to his eldest son Merlyn, who ruled from Tihriqend House.

  • Tircaville to his second son Tirca, who ruled from Eastings Manor.

  • Farsworth to his third son Farswin, who ruled from Eallund Castle.

  • Beckihnshire to his fourth son Beckihn, who ruled from Chey House.

  • Gaelund to his fifth son Donals, who was reserved and shrewd, and did not seek to rule a people.

  • Duseyr to his sixth son Eadion, who ruled from Duseyr Mansion. This would later become the Corshone family home, and anglicised Black Mansion.

  • Holiton to his only daughter Hali, who ruled from Tunlen Castle. Makrithen’s wife Shailen had lived here till Hali’s death.

  • Wenford to his youngest son Wend’r, who ruled from Al’fol Manor. This was Shailen’s last known residence till she was hidden away by the Timewalker.

Following the Acquisition, Dresgor, Milneurein, Vohawq, and Gaelund were bound together by the Al’esictian border and separated from the Republic. Under the Republic’s governance, South Chey and Tircaville were untied to form Segrepe province, while all the remaining acquired provinces were united to form Farsworth province. In 8056, the Timewalker would negotiate a deal with the Republic that would give the land enclosed by the Al’esictian border to the north and the Border Fold to the south back to the administration of the Neradsof people. This would become Valleyton district. Having attained the right to autonomous governance, Valleyton district was redivided as it had been before into Beckihnshire county, governed by the Guies lineage from Goslund, Duseyr (now called Eadionton) county, governed by the Corshone lineage from Eadionton-oi-duseyr, and Westingham county. In this last county, Te-uokslen, Unnderin, C’roveis, and Hyresé were returned to their respective lineages. With no heirs from the Nalchios line to reclaim authority, Holiton and Wenford (later called Whitley) would be administered by committee, and largely dependent upon the Corshone lienage of Eadionton.