Abbreviated History of the Corshone Lineage

The Corshone Dynasty

The Corshone dynasty is quite literally one of the oldest recorded lineages in Neradsof history. In fact, it is one of the first to appear in any Neradsof literature (which, by the nature of these things, predates historical records). Such being the case, it is quite unreasonable to expect a full account of the Corshone family, true or fictionalised, so we shall have to settle for an abbreviated version.

Pre-Noshar History

First Appearances

The Corshone name first appeared in poetic verse from the end of the Fallon Cycle (by the Ankestrian calendar) as one of two men who rallied the mountain-men to settle in the valley plains. (The other name was Tarryn, from which was borne the Tarryn dynasty, but this isn’t their history…) Most literature from this era records Corshone as a valiant and righteous man who fought hard to gain the respect and trust of his peers despite his humble social background. While several sources dispute the social class of Corshone, they unanimously concur that Corshone was unique amongst the moutnain-men, for he “was blessed as the men of Magick, yet no sorcerer he the man who led [them] from the mountains be”.

Roltarian Legacy

Earliest legends of Roltay hold scathing stories of Corshone and Tarryn’s falling out, some claiming epic battles upon the plains that would be named Grehirain (believed to loosely translate to ‘valley of tears’ in northern dialects). Most historians will tell you, however, that the Corshone and Tarryn families parted ways amiably, with the herding nomads choosing to roam the grassy plains up north, while the rest other chose to settle in the west.

The Corshone family was likely immediately elected to lead the settlers in the west. They built a small village where the river ran off into a great lake they called Jeholund. This small village would in time become one of the largest metropolises in Roltay, from which the southern Uokslen civilisations would emerge. The Corshone’s domain was known throughout the Neradsof world to be home to the most prolific industrialists, innovators whose every invention served to advance Magick-based science, so facilitating the rapid growth of the Eadionsof population.

The operative word being ‘Magick-based’. The Corshone dynasty is known for many things, but that which bought them such undisputed authority is their blessedness and attentiveness to Magick. Nothing that occurred within their borders would conflict with the laws (and whims) of Magick, so never was Jeholund judged by the same. The blessedness of the Corshone not only encouraged the rapid growth and prosperity of Jeholund, but also guaranteed the longevity of their rule, since no other noble house would dare challenge (or succeed if they were so bold) the respect Magick had for them. Despite their failure to produce Duenotic heirs, the Corshone stood confident in the twice-blessing of Magick. Even the Duenotic Jehol-easof could not contest them.

So with the the blessing of Magick over them and the reverence of their people beneath them, the Corshone dynasty flourished from the Gryson Cycle (<5381) through to the arrival of the Nalisar during the Jondais Cycle (~7300).

Relationship to Seirlen and the coming and Alexandre of the Nalisar

Alexandre of the Nalisar, despite not being beholden to Magick in any capacity, shared the Neradsof’s respect of the Corshone, though his respect was founded in their long legacy of leading the Neradsof, and leading them well. In turn, the Corshone family was cautious of Alexandre, recognising that should Magick fear the Nalisar, so ought they. While most scribal records agree that the Corshone family felt threatened by Alexandre’s rise to popularity, they were more fearful of the rising threat posed by the Galterite army, who had proved far less well-meaning than Alexandre and his sister Tirion. As a result, Jeiqol Corshone, patriarch of the Corshone dynasty at the end of the Jondais Cycle, was quite willing to work with Alexandre in his new Shardic Order.

Seeds Cycle and Immigration to Noshar

The Corshone family were one of the more notable names in Alexandre’s original Order, even rising to become Alexandre’s right hand after the First Threat had passed. They continued to work closely with the Nalchios dynasty after Alexandre’s death, honouring his legacy by committing to help his descendants maintain the integrity of his Order.

In the 7700s, the Corshone family sent significant aid to Grehirain in their preparations to receive the pending immigration of Calbervians to Roltay. They are noted as being fairly lukewarm, however, toward Kyland Nalchios’ enslaving the majority of the immigrant population as eysuteh. Thereafter, the Corshone family seemed to withdraw from their involvement in the Shardic Order. Additionally, trade between Jeholund and Seirlen (the dominion of the Nalchios dynasty) was also noticeably impacted. It is commonly believed that it is the Corshone’s unspoken disapproval of Kyland’s treatment of the eytsuteh that caused a resurgence in their popularity amongst the Neradsof, especially where the Tarryn dynasty up north was concerned.

As the Eleventh Recess approached and talks of a mass immigration to the Misty Planet arose, the Corshone family were hesitant to comply due to the logistics of moving a population as large as Jeholund had. When it appeared that they had little other choice, however, they became instrumental in aiding the rapid evacuation of the Neradsof to the Nosharian continent.

Nosharian History

The Eleventh Recess

The immigration of the five living Pnauserian races to the singular Nosharian continent forced a highly controversial structure on the hierarchies of power in most of the same. In the reordering of Neradsof society to fit this new structure, the Corshone dynasty was essentially stripped of their ruling authority over the Jehol-easof. However, in recognition of the Corshone’s long-standing authority (and surely in an effort to appease the multitude of disgruntled Jehol-easof), Makrithen Nalchios named Vylere Corshone sharof, and gave him dominion over the valley plains called Duseyr. Here in the heart of what would be Valleyton district in time to come, the Corshone dynasty established the city of Eadionton, and had Jeholund before it, the city flourished and prospered as no other Neradsof settlement would.

An'lis' Corshone-Nalchios and Corshone Resurgence

Despite the lengthy history that proceeds her, and the grand history that succeeded her, An’lis’ Corshone stands probably the most well-known of all descendants of the Corshone lineage before present day. Born the second child and only daughter of Vylere Corshone, she married Makrithen Nalchios’ sixth son Eadion (against her father’s will, according to legend), uniting the two most unequivocally blessed Neradsof lineages known to Pnauserian-kind. She bore with him a son whom they called Dyllon.

An’lis’ Corshone’s marriage to Eadion was said to be a happy one, till came the Acquisition, and her husband and son both went missing. An’lis’ famously fortified their marital home at Black Mansion, and rallied the remaining Neradsof kingdoms to fight back against the Qoshlar invasion of their home. While the Neradsof kingdoms were eventually annexed by the new Republic, An’lis’ Corshone was at the helm of all negotiations to establish the autonomous Valleyton district, which formed the foundation for Valleyton’s political independence from the Republic throughout the Desctruction Cycle.

As a historical figure, An’lis’ Corshone is remembered as “the voice of the Neradsof”. It was she who ensured that the other Neradsof dynasties could maintain their estates in Hyrése, Unnderin, Te-uokslen, and Northslen, so guarantee the preservation of Neradsof culture in Valleyton, and she who established the rule of the Iisarof over the district, though she herself would never hold that title. Rather, it would be her nephew Easerth Corshone, who would become the first Iisarof, while her cousin Martus Curzon would take over as acting Master of the Shardic Order.

It is the lineage of Easerth Corshone that would become today’s Black Mansion Curzons.

Footnote to the Qoshlar government’s relationship with the Corshone dynasty

The Qoshlar government was wary of the Corshone dynasty for all the reasons that the Neradsof lords of old and Alexandre of the Nalisar were wary of their lineage: the blessedness of Magick over them. While the Qoshlars were able to dismantle the Nalchios lineage, the Corshones seemed to be untouchable. For almost the entirety of the Destruction Cycle, the Qoshlar government would be careful to pay the Corshone Iisarof the respect he was due in all political engagements, recognising that all the Neradsof of Valleyton, and whatever blessedness of Magick remained still with them, was held under their thumbs.

Fall From Power and the Twelfth Recess

Since their first appearance in history during the Fallon Cycle through the majority of the Destruction Cycle, every child born to the purest Corshone lineage was born twice-blessed by Magick. This is often interpreted by the Neradsof as a sign of Magick’s blessing over the Corshone lineage. (This is all the more multiplied by the fact that twice-blessedness is not generally a trait one is born with, it is one that is earned.) While this is difficult to track prior to the Jondais Cycle and the founding of the Shardic Order (since the Shardic Order could only accept Pnauserians who were twice-blessed to be agents), every Corshone born since Alexandre of the Nalisar popularised formal record was recorded as being twice-blessed, so served the Shardic Order throughout his or her youth.

In 8570, there was born to the purest lineage of Corshone descent one who was neither once- nor twice-blessed by any Pnauserian measure. The eldest son born to Marcos Vylere Curzon, Jacob Marcos Curzon could not pass any test to become even a pigeon, the lowest of Shardic designations. Such is he the first v’risage, the first Corshone to be born fully and properly corelt. This alone was a sign to the Neradsof that the blessedness of the Corshone may finally be fading.

The fears of the Valleytonite Neradsof were furthered when Marcos and his wife Dionne, both of whom were upstanding Shardic Agents, and their youngest son Johnathon Katce Curzon, died mysteriously in an unsolved train-car accident; and finally realised when the corelt v’risage Jacob himself went missing in 8599 following the death of his wife, the prolific Duenotic prodigy Katherine Ross. As both his children went missing alongside him, the Corshone dynasty was brought to an abrupt and mysterious end after four and a half millennia just shy of the Twelfth Recess.

This brought with it a period of brief anarchy to Valleyton, one which the Qoshlar government was ready to resolve. If not for the Tarryn dynasty’s hasty rise to take the Corshone’s place, it is likely Valleyton would have entered the Twelfth Recess a proper part of the Republic of Noshar.

In 8602, Charlene Dianne Curzon, the eldest child of Jacob Curzon, v’risage of the Corshone dynasty and a uniquely gifted Duetine, emerged from hiding. She was revealed by Chelsea Watson, a close friend of Katherine Ross and a Duenotic legend in her own right, and given to the care of Autumn Nicholasworth, v’risage of another lineage long thought severed: that of Eadion Nalchios.

While Charlene Curzon would probably be well received by the Valleytonite Neradsof the true Iisarof of Valleyton, she had not, in 8602, or to this day, shown any interest in reestablishing the dynastic power that her name represents. In fact, she seems to want very little to do with her family legacy at all.