The Stoney Creek Road Shooting

Glossary Overview:

The Stoney Creek Road shooting was a public shooting along Stoney Creek Road in downtown Warst in the late spring of 8599. The first shot was fired from cover by a Qoshlar sniper, assassinating the mayor of Warst while the Shardic Division Jondais was escorting him from city hall.

Stoney Creek Road, 8599

The true political allegiance of Segrepe province has always been a fairly controversial affair. Having initially been a part of Neradsof Shailen before the Acquisition, it was no secret that despite its absorption into the Republic of Noshar, many were still loyal to the Shardic Order. As such, the Order has always had vested interest in protecting the people and politicians in Segrepe who supported them.

Since the Shardic Revolution was put to bed in the 8264, Warst remained one of the few Segrepian cities that have remained vocally loyal to the Shardic Order. Toward the end of the 86th century, that voice dwindled with the increase in Qoshlar military activity in the region. However, the election of Allan Noren as mayor of Warst in 8597 reinvigorated anti-Qoshlar sentiment not only in Warst, but across Segrepe province as a whole. Noren rallied other politicians who were eager to promote Neradsof autonomy in non-Valleyton cities, lobbying to reestablish independence from Qoshlar dominance in the Republic political sphere.

The Qoshlar government had dealt with its fair share of nuisances in the past, however this was especially distressing to them as Noren continued to gain popularity, become quite successful in stirring up anti-Qoshlar sentiment across Segrepe and Farsowrth provinces. They begun to pour special attention into the southern provinces. Recognising what military attention entailed for Noren and the people of the south, acting Master Lee Young of the Shardic Order chose to station several Civilian Units from the Division Jondais all over Segrepe and Farsworth to guard civilians should the military suddenly become active.

Young’s fears came true on May 25, 8599. After a meeting discussing the partially decomposed body that had been discovered on the Kara River riverbed, Noren was successfully assassinated by a Qoshlar sniper as he was being escorted home. Agents of the Division Jondais quickly sprung into action, attempting first to locate the sniper and other Qoshlar operatives in the region, and second to secure all other political figures that might come under fire. The surge of Shardic Agents onto Stoney Creek Road was quickly answered by the Qoshlar military, who hurried to meet them out on the open streets of downtown Warst. What had started as a supposedly isolated assassination snowballed into an all out battle along the city streets, resulting in 47 civilians dead and over 7,800 displaced into the nearby city of Sharcheyes.

Oddly enough, the battle came to an end only 24h later, when the Qoshlar military abruptly retreated out of the city. Neither the Qoshlars nor the Order have released an official statement to explain this sudden end to the bloodbath that the Stoney Creek Road Shooting had been. Though, it is very often speculated that it is linked to the mysterious collapse of an abandoned factory on the outskirts of Warst around the same time.