An In-Depth Explanation of Blessedness


One once-blessed is Duenotic.
One twice-blessed can hear Bursilic and perceive Magick, and is protected by his own Magick internal.

One corelt is nothing to Magick.

Twestrean Blessedness

The Magick-born used the word ‘blessed’ to specifically describe blessing by Magick. All those blessed by Magick have a unique relationship with Magick. Since the beginning of the Magick-born races, there have been those born once- and twice-blessed.

To understand the blessing of there two kinds of blessed Magick-borns, it is first important to understand what it means to be ‘corelt’. One born corelt is not blessed. He is unable to hear Magick, and even should he speak Bursilic (the language of Magick), Magick is not obliged to listen. He has no relationship with Magick but for being Magick-born, so subject to every cruel whim of Magick.

What It Means To Be Once-Blessed

The once-blessed (also called the first-blessed) have been called many names across all the races and species of Magick-born; today they are most commonly known as Duetines. To be Duenotic is to be once-blessed. The once-blessed can hear and naturally learn to understand Bursilic. During the Cycle, Magick is obliged to listen to the once-blessed when they speak Bursilic; this is what the Duenotic Arts are built on. This once-blessedness is not absolute, it expires with each Recess, when Magick regains its autonomy to do as it pleases, including ignoring the requests of the once-blessed.

Once-blessedness is someone one Magick-born is born with. It cannot be earned or gained after conception. It is generally hereditary, and largely only granted to specific bloodlines (most of which become ruling dynasties).

Though Magick is obliged to oblige the once-blessed, Magick is still above them.

What It Means To Be Twice-Blessed

Especially when the Pnauserians play (played?) such a critical role in the War of the Manipulators, the concept of ‘twice-blessedness’ becomes a crucial one to understand. ‘Twice-blessedness’ is used too much as a synonym for Pnauserians, or for one who is Shardic or Duenotic — and because of the history of each of these, one can hardly blame them for these cultural associations.

The twice-blessed were once considered anomalies, for they are unable to command Magick as the once-blessed do, yet they can hear Bursilic while the truly corelt cannot. One twice-blessed is characterised by two things: the ability to hear the voices of Magick, and the protection of their own Magick internal.

Every creature Magick-born has his own Magick internal. This is his life force, it is a part of him.
However, it is itself sentient, and may align itself with either the Magick-born, or Magick external.

Because of the loyalty of Magick internal to the twice-blessed, the twice-blessed are protected from Magick at all times, during both Cycles and Recesses, so long as Magick deems him worthy of that blessing. Where the well-being of one twice-blessed is threatened, Magick internal may step in to defend, even if it means bending the natural laws of the world.

One once-blessed may also be twice-blessed, though one twice-blessed may not necessarily be once-blessed.


Becoming ‘Twice-Blessed’

Before Pnauseria, one could only attain the protection and closeness to Magick that constitutes twice-blessedness by acknowledging and resigning to the authority and power of Magick over the Magick-born. Twice-blessedness is granted by Magick if one gains its respect, it is a blessing earned.

The one exception to this is the twice-blesseness of the Pnauserians. All Pnauserian-kind are born singularly twice-blessed, that is, they all have the ability to hear and perceive things of Magick (the Neradsof concept: tenohsen). Though this is the case, one Pnauserian-kind must still earn Magick’s respect in order to maintain his Magick internal’s protection.

It bears saying that presently, very few Pnauserians can be truly said to be ‘twice-blessed’, though they are all still born predisposed to having tenohsen.


The Shardic Order and Blessedness

The Shardic Order was founded by Alexandre of the Nalisar to remind Pnauserian-kind what their born blessedness meant. Because the Pnauserians are born twice-blessed, they could be infinitely protected by Magick internal against the fickle whims of Magick external. Harnessing the protection of Magick over the twice-blessed, Pnauserians could even challenge the Duetines — this is what makes the Agents of the Shardic Order strong next to Duetines and corelt Twestreans alike.

Unfortunately, this understanding has even been lost to the Shards of today, who take for granted their twice-blessedness, and in failing to acknowledge it as a blessed granted by Magick, lose it.