The Unnderin Kingdoms


The C’roveis (today’s Crosby) lineage was never a particularly wealthy family, so in the interest of their new people in Unnderin, gave the Del’cra and Cumminhs lineages parts of their kingdom so that their people could be better taken care of.

The Tarryn dynasty (today’s Snows) gave sections of their kingdom to the Terese dynasty (today’s Birch) and Eph’ns lineage due to distinct cultural variation amongst those who came to settle in Northslen.

Foundational Review

Upon first arrival at the Nosharian continent of the Misty Planet, the Neradsof lords were unhappy that their ruling authority was to be consolidated to the Nalchios dynasty. Makrithen Nalchios saw fit to honour the generations of dynastic power that had long served the Neradsof well, so, he sectioned off 6 plots of land from his own to become sovereign and independent nations within the united Neradsof kingdom known as ‘Neradsof Shailen’. These little kingdoms were Dresgor in the north, Duseyr and Te-uokslen in the valley plains, and Hyrése, Northslen, and Unnderin in the Westingham highlands.


Note that ‘Kingdom’ and ‘Estate’ will be used interchangeably, since the Valleytonites see them to be the same. It is the Nosharians who will not recognise ‘Kingdoms’.

The Unnderin Kingdom Estates

Makrithen’s decision to grant the C’roveis dynasty a kingdom was fairly controversial in its time, since there were other lords of the Five and Duenotic Pioneers who did not receive land. It is often thought that Makrithen had grown weary of the endless politics that plagued the highest nobles and their people, so sought to offer some the chance to escape it all under the less ambitious rule of a lord of the Lesser.

Whether or not this is in fact true, it did come to pass. The sorts of Neradsof that settled in Unnderin were mostly commonfolk, simple Neradsof-kind from simple backgrounds who have been wholly and consistently disinterested in the political on-goings of the rest of Neradsof Shailen, from the Acquisition to the Revolution to the fall of Duseyr in 8599. For many, Unnderin was a safe haven, beautiful with its lush forests and rivers of crystal glacial waters, and standing high at the edge of the cliff overlooking all of the valley plains, it was easy to look down upon the rest of the world and think it all too distant to bother about.

Those who came to Unnderin in the beginning were many. Being only lords of the Lesser, the C’roveis dynasty knew that they would not have the financial resources to support the Neradsof who were coming in droves. Unnderin may have been beautiful, but it was not rich in resources as was Hyrése, nor had its people any interest in industry as were the Eadionsof (a distinct race of Neradsof, like the Cantonese people are distinguished from Shanghainese people amongst the Chinese race) who settled in Duseyr. Seeing this eventuality, the C’roveis appointed two other families whom they trusted to be tesharofeh: the wealthy Del’cra lineage over the merchants in Croyis to the north, and the beloved Cumminhs lineage over the peasant villages in Cummings to the south.

The Unnderin Estates of the Westingham Highlands, est. 8600

By 8136, the C’roveis relinquished their authority over both Croyis and Cummings to the Del’cra and Cumminhs lineages respectively, appointing them sharofeh over both land and Neradsof-kind. They retained only a third of Unnderin, sandwiched now between the two new kingdom Estates.

The humility that the C’roveis dynasty showed in this quiet transaction earned them the respect of all Neradsof who lived within the borders of Unnderin that was. Though they had made the Del’cra and Cumminhs lineages equal to them in status and political position, both continued to pay tribute to the C’roveis, and deferred to the judgement of the same in matters of the Order and of the Westingham highlands at large, (especially since it so oft contradicted that of the Ardoons, whom they shared a loathing for).

A sort of alliance had emerged in that which was Unnderin, not one so formal as the Ardoons had engineered in Hyrése, but an alliance built of mutual respect and trust.

Though this was the case, it is important to remember that the four powers of Valleyton were and always remained the Ardoon lineage and C’roveis dynasty, the Tarryn dynasty above them, and the Corshone dynasty above them all, for most of the Destruction Cycle anyway.


Note on the Northslen Kingdom Estates

The Northslen Estates of the Westingham Highlands, est. 8600

Makrithen Nalchios gave the Northslen region to the Tarryn dynasty, which they would have been quite content to rule as a unified kingdom for the entire duration of the Destruction Cycle. The Tarryn dynasty, much like the Ankas dynasty who ruled Te-uokslen and the Corshone dynasty who ruled Duseyr, were vastly wealthy, and universally recognised to be respected lords of the Five. As such, there really was no reason to expect that their domain would be fractured as Hyrése and Unnderin had been.

The decision to carve out Bercham and E’hirain out came solely from recognition of the distinct cultures that had come to gather in Northslen. While Northslen was mostly home to Noresof seeking the comfort of Tarryn rule, there had come to gather in Bercham a large population of Erkdsof, and in E’hirain a motley assortment of Jehol-easof. The Tarryn chose to appoint the Terese dynasty sharof over Bercham, and the Eph’ns lineage sharof over E’hirain because it was their people who had come to reside there.

This division of Northslen was complete before the end of the 81th century.