Evolution of Loyalties in Hyrése


Ardoon (today’s Arduann) lineage forged an alliance with the Lloyd lineage, Troia (Troyson) and K’nithli (Knightly) dynasties, and the Basfeld, Deuce, and Mallen lineages after the Acquisition to stand against the other four powers of Valleyton during the Destruction Cycle.

Fractured first when the Knightly voted against them during the 8560s.

And again at the turn of the 87th century, when the Lloyds refused to side with anyone at all.


Upon first arrival on the Nosharian continent of the Misty Planet, the Neradsof lords were unhappy. Though none would dare dispute the authority of the Nalchios family, they were unwilling to quietly allow the generations of dynastic power many of the noble lineages had accumulated to simply fade away. Makrithen Nalchios, patriarch of the Nalchios dynasty, was not deaf to their grumbling. But since he was himself preoccupied with the fallout from the then-recently passed Eleventh Recess, the dissolution of the Shardic Order, and the rising political tensions in the north, he was more than happy to allow the Neradsof nobles to their little kingdoms.

So Makrithen sectioned off 6 plots of the land that the Neradsof had claimed: the northern valleys for his brother Timothy which were named Dresgor (‘Al’esict Neradsof Shailen’ today), Duseyr in the Duseyr Plains for the Corshone dynasty, the southern half of the Macreaven Plains for the Ankas dynasty (which was called Te-uokslen), Northslen in the Westingham highlands for the Tarryn dynasty, Unnderin in the Westingham highlands for the C’roveis dynasty, and Hyrése in the Westingham highlands for the Lloyd lineage.

While all these kingdoms were sovereign and independent nations, they swore loyalty to the kingdom known as ‘Neradsof Shailen’, over which Makrithen ruled as sharof.


Evolution of Loyalties in Hyrése

Now, Hyrése was the most treacherous of the Westingham highland kingdoms, for its dominion reached over a cold and difficult landscape. While this might seem an inconvenience (and a political statement on the part of Makrithen, who had gifted it away), we must remember that the Neradsof are not human, they are Magick-born. For the Magick that runs in their veins, the Magick-born are never much bothered by the physical conditions of their worlds. The cold was no issue to them, nor the thinness of air that so oft accompanies high altitudes.

As for the topography, the Neradsof looked to their Duenotic sharofeh in the Lloyd lineage. The Lloyd family were the first family to bear Duetines amongst the Neradsof race, such were they revered as the strongest of the Neradsof Duetines, and more than capable of devising new technologies to allow their people to live comfortably in the jagged terrain of the mountainside.

Unfortunately, Duenotic prowess does not necessarily equal good authority. Graced by the blessing of the Lloyd family, Neradsof flooded into the kingdom of Hyrése, especially during the Acquisition, when the grace of the Nalchios lineage fell with their extinction. With the rapid growth in population, and little previous experience to draw from, the Lloyd family found their new duties as sharof to be a challenge they could not tackle.

The Hyrése Estates of the Westingham Highlands, est. 8600

At first, the Lloyd family refused to give up their dynasty. With the Acquisition recently passed and power rapidly accumulating in Duseyr under the clout of An’lis’ Corshone, they struck an alliance with the Ardoon lineage, the Troia dynasty, and the K’nithli dynasty. In good faith, the Lloyd build the castle Al’arduann for the Ardoon lineage, and agreed to sell the Knightly dynasty the land that surrounds the River Knightley tributaries to the wealthy K’nithli dynasty. This land retained the name Hyrése, and has continued on to this day, while the rest of the Lloyd lineage’s kingdom was renamed Aelumd.

This, however, proved insufficient. Rapidly running bankrupt, the Lloyd family had to concede that their new political position was not meant to last. The Ardoon family graciously agreed to buy much of the balance of Aelumd from the Lloyd, while the Troia dynasty offered to buy the land surrounding the Wenford River tributaries, leaving only the highest glaciers to their dominion. Left no other choice, the Lloyd accepted, and the lands surrounding their castle Al’aelm became the kingdom of Elembourne. The Troia dynasty’s dominion became known as Trois.

Meanwhile, the Ardoon family rebuilding their reputation amongst Neradsof-kind. Standing in general opposition to the Corshone dynasty of Duseyr, the Ardoon allied themselves with the Mallen, Basfeld, and Deuce lineages, several families of the Greater Nobility. These alliances, in addition to their standing allegiance with the Troia dynasty, elevated the name of the Ardoon in both Shardic and social circles of Neradsof, allowing them to rise up alongside the C’roveis dynasty on the other side of Shailen Road, to become one of the four most powerful lineages in Valleyton district.

For most of the Destruction Cycle, the four powers of Valleyton were the Ardoon lineage and C’roveis dynasty, the Tarryn dynasty above them, and the Corshone dynasty above them all.

To solidify their allegiances, the Ardoon family broke the southern half of their dominion into two. The region south of the River Knightly was gifted to the Deuce family to be called Knightley, while the region to the north was gifted to the Basfled lineage as Basfeld. And over the north-most region of what was once Hyrése stood the kingdom of Al’duainn, over which they ruled from their castle in the mountains.

For almost five-hundred years the 6 kingdoms of Hyrése stood thus, Al’duainn ruled by the Ardoon lineage, Elembourne by the Lloyd lineage, Trois by the Troia dynasty, Basfeld by the Basfeld lineage, Knightley by the Deuce lineage, and Hyrése by the K’nithli dynasty. They stood a strong alliance of 6 families ranging in nobility from lords of the Lesser to the Greater Nobility (and the Ardoon family) over which the Ardoon became once again accepted as the greatest. But in the 86th century, a small ripple began to disrupt that alliance, and it began, as so many things oft do for the Neradsof, at the Shardic Order.

During the mid 8500s, while Lee Young had been installed as acting Master of the Shard, Vrodi Arduann, patriarch of the Ardoon lineage, had proposed an Exceptionals program that promised to revolutionise the training of promising Shardic children. Georg Knightly, patriarch of the K’nithli dynasty, saw the program to be frivolous, an unnecessary wrinkle in the system that would only serve to further separate the Shardic nobility from the rest of Neradsof commonfolk. As such, Georg did not vote with Vrodi. Though the proposal was passed and the program instated, the damage had been done.

Seeing this as an act of defiance, Vrodi swiftly stripped the K’nithli dynasty of their authority in Westingham county. Backed by the rest of their alliance, Georg and his family were cast out of Hyrése, and the Mallen lineage put in their place.

The Ardoon’s alliance continued to fracture as the Year of the Timewalker’s Witch approached. With the rumoured return of the Timewalker herself, and the subsequent arrival of Edward Nicholasworth (and his daughter Autumn Follen Nicholasworth years later) from beyond the gates of Al’esict, the Lloyd lineage recognised that the days of the Neradsof nobility’s reign over Valleyton and the Order was coming to an end. Elmren Lloyd, a Duenotic master, famously claimed that ‘[the nobility had] been living a beautiful dream, one of prosperity, of longevity, of everlasting stewardship — but ‘tis the land of the Nalisar, and so shall be again.’

Thereafter, the Lloyd lineage openly declared themselves neutral, refusing to side with either the Ardoons or the C’roveis (who had been then squabbling for power following the second false Acquisition). This, too, angered Vrodi Arduann, however, for submission to the Duenotic prowess of the Lloyd lineage, and the return of the Timewalker patron of the Nalisar, he could do naught to them for their abrupt exodus from their alliance.

Such have the loyalties that built the 6 kingdoms of Hyrése begun to dissolve away as the Twelfth Recess came upon the Misty Planet.