Races and Settlements of the Roltarian Neradsof

Before the Neradsof were corralled into Al’esict Neradsof and Valleyton on the Misty Planet, the Neradsof were the mountain-men of Roltay, a species of Pnauserian-kind native to the planet Roltay. As we humankind divide ourselves into races defined by our heritage, so did the Neradsof see each other as beings of various races, and varying ethnicities depending upon their home villages.

Neradsof Races

Neradsof as a species on the whole are small creatures, especially when compared to the other Pnauserian-kind. Even races of Neradsof that are considered larger or taller are only slightly above average when compared to the Calbervians who joined them about middle of the Seeds Cycle. There are 3 dominant races of Neradsof, and 2 much smaller variants:

  1. Noresof of the north; characterised by dark hair (though it has been known to bleach well in the sun), and fair skin

  2. Eadionsof of the plains; characterised by lighter hair, and fair skin

    1. Erkdsof; characterised by slender, but tall builds, generally darker skin tone than Jehol-easof

    2. Seyuóksof; much wider variety in hair and skin tones, characterised by their height and broad shoulders, larger builds overall

  3. Kolsof of the highlands; characterised by dark, almost black hair, and tanned skin

Eadionsof who are neither Erkdsof nor Seyuóksof are called Jehol-easof.

While the smallest in population, the Kolsof were often looked to by the outside worlds as representatives of the Neradsof races. This was largely due to the influence of Alexandre of the Nalisar, who had lived amongst and nurtured the Kolsof during his time on Roltay.

The Neradsof through Cody’s Eyes

Especially given the large population of Calbervians living amongst the Nosharian Neradsof, any Neradsof Cody might have known prior to her move to Valleyton would likely have been descendent of either the Kolsof and/or the Eadionsof, likely with slightly larger builds given their Calbervian neighbours and dietary variation, and black hair and fair skin (since those are dominant traits amongst the Neradsof).

Up in Westingham, however, majority of the Neradsof would have been descendent of anything but the Kolsof. Most of the Neradsof would have fairly light skin, and often light or sun-bleached hair. This would have been the stereotypical image of the Neradsof that Cody would have been brought up to identify. The Neradsof in Westingham would be generally shorter, relatively plainer folk with long faces and softer features.

Roltarian Villages

A map of Roltay will some day be in order, for today, we’ll simply reinforce that there were 5 villages that mattered. These ‘villages’ were often much less a village than a metropolises, or often times a collection of metropolises, and often reaching across an landmasses the size of many countries of our world:

  1. Noresford, ruled by the Tarryn dynasty. Noresford is the oldest of Neradsof civilisations, tucked away in the north and protected by tall mountains on every side. Noresford’s primary industry was plant-centric agriculture, predominantly home to Noresof Neradsof.

  2. Jeholund, ruled by the Corshone dynasty. Jeholund was definitely the largest, most prosperous of Neradsof civilisations, eventually giving rise to two other villages of significance as listed below. Jeholund was very diverse, a true metropolis in almost every sense, and predominantly home to Eadionsof Neradsof.

    1. K’nithhor, ruled by the K’nithli lineage. K’nithhor was a small village, and never had the time to grow as it could have.

    2. Grehirain, ruled by the Eph’ns lineage. Grehirain is itself fairly large, and made its name giving a home to the Calbervian immigrants during the Seeds Cycle. This also meant that for a time, Grehirain was also known for its eytsuteh.

  3. Al’swolv, ruled by the Terese dynasty. Al’swolv was built off their fierce Duenotic industrialisation, so forged for themselves a reputation for their creativity in the Duenotic Arts early in the young age of Roltarian Neradsof. Al’swolv is home to the Erkdsof.

  4. Uokslen, ruled by the Ankas dynasty. Uokslen extended over hilly terrain, over which the Seyuóksof have developed a robust farming industry of their own.

  5. Seirlen, ruled by the Nalchios dynasty. Seirlen set on the highland region of the valley, Seirlen was known as an academic’s city, but by the time the Seeds Cycle began, Seirlen was better known as the home of the Shardic Order. Seirlen is the home of the Kolsof. Seirlen has one sister village as listed below.

    1. Trois, ruled by the Troia lineage. Trois had always been a small, but beautiful village, known for its artisans and craftsmen.