Sharof vs Tesharof


In the present day, a sharof is the lord over one of the fifteen Estates of Valleyton. He may appoint tesharofeh to preside over a town, village, hamlet, &c..

The sharofeh answer to the Iisarof, who acts as a premier over all Valleyton within the Qoshlar’s government structure. The Iisarof is, at present, a role shared by Desmec Crosby and Geof Vrodi Arudann, partriarchs of their respective lineages.

Historical Definitions

I don’t know that the ideas of a ‘sharof’ and a ‘tesharof’ really translate all that well into English to be honest. The most common equivalencies are kings and lords, and perhaps these words paint a sufficient enough picture. To understand them in their entirety, however, a little context is probably in order.

As with all things of the Neradsof people, it is important to remember that the Neradsof come from the mountain region of the planet Roltay, where they were not one of several species of Magick-born vying for space and authority, but a single species with far more land than the entirety of the Nosharian continent they share today.

In those days, the Neradsof would never have considered themselves a single race. Just as we as humankind see different races amongst us, the Neradsof saw amongst themselves distinct races of Neradsof. These races were defined by the regions in which they were settled. Specifically, the villages (and I use that term pretty loosely since they would have been villages the size of some countries, or a Canadian province if that’s a better scale for you) from which they hailed. And each of these villages were ruled over by a sharof.

The title ‘sharof’, all the responsibilities and all the land over which your authority extended, was hereditary, as were the people who lived under your jurisdiction. Essentially a sharof is a monarch, holding the highest authority in his land, (which we could call a sharof-dom). In the young age of Roltarian Neradsof, there were only five sharofeh: the lords of the Five, and their respective lineages, only expanding in number as the golden age of Roltarian Neradsof evolved.

With such massive territories to oversee, sharofeh would often appoint tesharofeh over various districts. Specifically, a sharof would appoint a lineage to fill the role of tesharof. Tesharof have always been more involved in their communities, meant to be voices of the people, grassroots leaders in a way. Unlike a sharof, however, tesharofeh do not possess any land. They are merely stewards over their respective territories. While being a primarily hereditary office, a tesharof may be fired by his sharof.

Sharof and Tesharof in Present-day Republic of Noshar

With the immigration to the Misty Planet, the Neradsof tried their best to retain their cultural structure. Much of the difficulty simply came with the fact that the Neradsof now shared land with other species, other species with their own structures of authority. With rising threats coming at them on every front, the Neradsof were anxious that their way of life be preserved, even if it meant the five races of Neradsof banding together as one.

All the sharofeh of old turned to Makrithen Nalchios to lead them forward. As Master of the Shard, and first in line to inherit the Nalchios lineage, he was unanimously elected the sharof of all sharofeh, “si-keirkav-sharof iisarof ehueil”. This gave Makrithen Nalchios a new title: Iisarof, which was also considered a hereditary, monarch-esque title. While the title of Iisarof came with it all of Al’esict Neradsof, Makrithen Nalchios cut out sections of land and gifted it to some of the other previous sharofeh.

Notably, the Tarryn lineage were made sharof over Northslen, C’roveis over Unnerdin, Lloyd over Hyresé, and Ankas over Te-uokslen. The Corshone lineage was offered land, however, they declined to take a tesharof position instead, much to the horror of the Eadionsof.

Al’esict Neradsof as a sharof-dom was considered its own country, overseen by the Iisarof Makrithen Nalchios. When much of Al’esict Neradsof was absorbed into the newly formed Republic of Noshar during the Acquisition, however, both the Iisarof and the various sharofeh were brought under the authority of the Qoshlar’s new government. This new governance would have stripped all sharofeh of their authorities. Fortunately for them, An’lis’ Corshone negotiated for the autonomy of Valleyton district, giving the sharofeh that persisted there authority over their land once again, though still within the administration of the Qoshlar’s government in Raphlings Ilion.

So today, a sharof is the lord over a piece of land, specifically an Estate of Valleyton, and within each Estate are many villages, towns, hamlets, pockets of settlements over which tesharof are placed. Tesharofeh answer to sharofeh, who answers to the Iisarof (who now fills the role of a premier for Valleyton District within the Qoshlar’s government).

The Iisarof had been from the Corshone dynasty for near all of the Destruction Cycle, till it was claimed by the Tarryn dynasty in 8599 after the disappearance of Jacob Curzon. The title has been shared by the C’roveis and Ardoon lineages since 8602.