Departments in the Shardic Order


In addition to belonging to a Division, all agents of the Shardic Order belong to 1 of 7 departments. Each of these departments specialise in a specific skill.

The departments are: Combat & Field, Intelligence, Security & Guard, Control, Administration, Technology, and Liaisons.

Departments in the Shardic Order

Agents of the Shardic Order are generally highly specialised individuals. Each Agent is trained to do a specific job, and do that job to a nigh ridiculous level of proficiency. With the Order becoming as large as it has, specific training regimes for each area of specialisation arose as a way to establish high and consistent standard for all Agents. Such were the various departments of the Shardic Order born.

Agents of the Division Kadan have notoriously shown, however, that specialisation is overrated.

Each department (with 1 exception) receives agents after they have completed their basic training and education, and puts them through rigorous training regiments to hone their skills. Departments are responsible for completing the training of its Agents, assigning them forward into their Divisions upon induction, and ensuring that they remain relevant to the Order throughout the duration of their service to the Order.

There are 3 classes of departments: First, Second, and Third. These classifications came mostly as a result of time, and are useless beyond the breeding of classism amongst Agents. Nonetheless, we will continue to use it since the Directorate continues to enforce them.

First Class Departments

Combat & Field

The Combat & Field department trains its agents to specialise in all manners of combat. There are specificities within the department, such as specialisation in specific forms of combat, proficiency in specific types of arms — which really aren’t all that important to this article. Agents of the Combat & Field department are called Field Agents.

Divisions that primarily consist of Field Agents are called Active Divisions.


The Intelligence department trains its agents in dealing with critical information, and critical targets. Intelligence Agents, colloquially known as Spies, are trained to recover and plant information, reconnaissance, and surveillance. All agents of the Intelligence department are also specially trained to defend against Magick because of the high risk factor in their missions.

A sub-department of Intelligence worth noting is the Recruitment department. Agents in Recruitment are called Plants, and are planted, as their name suggests, amongst the general Nosharian public. In addition to helping gain access to particularly sensitive information, Plants also recruit young Shardic Nosharians, who would not be accessible otherwise.

Divisions that primarily consist of Intelligence Agents are called Intelligence Divisions.

Second Class Departments

Security & Guard

The Security & Guard department trains Agents (called SAGs) to handle civilians. Security & Guard agents are always called upon when civilians have to be moved or secured, or if the Shard sends First Class agents into a civilian area.

Divisions that primarily consist of SAGs are called Civilian Divisions.


The Control department trains Control Officers. There are 2 sections to the Control department, one that works predominantly locally, and one externally. Locally, Control Officers are called upon to plant information or to move priority of high-risk targets without detection. Moreso than Spies, local Control Officers are meant to go unseen, and ensure that the public remains ignorant to the Order. Control Officers help generate ‘circumstances’ in as naturally and seamlessly as possible. Externally, where the public is more receptive to the Order’s aid, Control Officers work on the political front, engaging with and maintaining relationships with Baniudr races.

Both sections of the Control department works fairly closely with Duetines.

Divisions that primarily consist of Control Officers are called Security Divisions. It’s confusing I know…

Third Class Departments


The Administration department is just as it sounds: administrative. Admin Agents are Shardic, however, prefer to remain behind the scenes. A special sub-department of the Administration department is the Scouting department, which trains Pigeons. These are corelt Agents, most of whom are recruited from Shardic families. Pigeons take on scouting duties, and are largely called upon to run orders from the front line back to camp, and such menial tasks that most Shardic Agents care little for.


The Technology department trains Techs, who invent, operate, and educate all Agents of the Order in Magick-based technology and arms. Contrary to what the name might suggest, Techs are in fact quite active on the front-line, both locally and externally. Techs are the only Shardic Agents who receive specific training in a Duenotic Art, specifically Formulae, since they utilise spells quite extensively in the development of technology. (The only other department who could make an argument for this is Intelligence, which uses the Duenotic Art Suggestion in their training their Agents for defense against Magick, but even their training is no where as complete as the Techs’ education in Formulae. I shall elaborate on this when we get to the subject of the Order’s training curriculum.)


The Liaisons department is unique in that it is not a department that handles new Agents. Rather the Liaisons department accepts transfers of fully inducted Agents. It is the oldest department, and all its Agents belong to the Division Gryson. Liaison Agents, called Liaisons or Livceh, are uniquely equipped to work with and maintain a relationship with the Euforge and its races.

Division Gryson is the only Liaisons Division.