The Special Grace of the Pioneer Duetines


Pioneer Duetinesare born to the bloodline that was first in some geographical area of Twestrea to bear Duetines. They always grow into incredibly talented Duetines with exceptionally wide Duenotic ranges, and are rarely (if ever) denied by Magick.

Pioneer Duetines

“Foolish Arduann. Magick will never destroy me. I am a Ross!… For all our failures still and always descendent of that ancient Calbervian line, pioneer Duetines of Pnauseria —”

— Charlene Curzon (Letters to Cody: Selena Troyson)

Duenotic ability is not one that is trained, or developed, or asked for. Duenotic ability is something one is born with. In looking to understand the pioneer Duetines, we must first understand that a Duetine’s power to control and manipulate reality (using the Arts), is only possible because Magick can and is bound to listen to a Duetine when he/she commands a spell.

Now pioneer Duetines are special of all Duetines, because they are descendants of the first Magick-born in some geographic region that was deemed worthy at birth to be born with the ability to command Magick.

For instance, the pioneer Duetines of the galaxy Pnauseria are the Rosses, and the pioneer Duetines of the planet Roltay (i.e of the Neradsof race) are the Lloyds.

Birth of the Pioneers

When an civilisation of Magick-born is birthed, there are generally no Duetines amongst them. Magick would chose, from amongst all lineages in this infant civilisation, one who is tuned into the voices of Magick, and eager to acknowledge the authority that Magick has over the Magick-born. In recognition of this Magick-born’s humility, Magick makes him Duenotic, so commits to respect the new Duetine’s wishes as much as the Arts is able to accomplish. This new Duetine’s lineage becomes the pioneer Duetines of their civilisation.

This is how it has always been since the beginning of the Twestreans. After the Fifteen-Hundred, the pioneer Duetines gained purpose when they were all placed above all Duetines in their collective duty to lead the Magick-born, to take care of them and ensure that Magick would not take too much advantage of their authority. Because of this charge, the pioneer Duetines are often judged to a higher moral standard.

The Special Grace of the Pioneer Duetines

The especial respect that Magick has for the pioneer Duetines does in fact necessarily offer them special graces that other Duetines are not guaranteed. Pioneer Duetines are stronger, that is, are able to use the same spells that other Duetines use to a greater extent in every sense. They have greater Duenotic ranges as well, that is, Magick in a greater radius around the pioneer Duetine will necessarily listen to him, so allowing a greater radius of reality to be affected by the Duetine’s spell.

Perhaps most importantly, pioneer Duetines are uninterrupted in their communication with Magick, be it during the Cycle or the Recess.

All these separate the pioneer Duetines from other Duetines, and of course, especially from the mass majority of Twestreans. Being favoured by Magick, the pioneer Duetines are often protected by and from Magick. Historically, pioneer Duetines have always been able to stand as mediators between the Magick and the Magick-born when the Recess comes.

Of course, this is only so as long as the pioneer Duetines’s lineage has maintained the respect of Magick long enough to deserve all the special graces of the pioneer Duetines.